lesson 4

Movement Idioms and a Long Flight


What is the worst airplane or train trip that you have ever taken?


It was going to be a long flight. The flight restrictions were in place for takeoff and I could not move from my seat. I cannot keep still for a long period of time. I always want to move. Finally, the seat belt sign was turned off and I was able to stretch my legs. I got to my feet and began to move around the airplane. Many other people were also moving around. I inched along past the group of people next to the washroom. I had to make way for the flight attendants who were bringing food and drinks to the passengers. It felt good to be up and about. I walked to and fro from the front of the airplane to the back. I wanted to get lots of exercise during this long flight.

Reading Questions

Answer the following questions. The answers can easily be found in the reading above.

1. What was in place for takeoff?

2. Can this person keep still for a long period of time?

3. When was he able to stretch his legs?

4. What did he do after he got to his feet?

5. Who did he have to inch along past?

6. Who did he have to make way for?

7. Did it feel good for him to be up and about?

8. Where did he walk to and fro?

Making Connections and Idiom Meanings

Some of the idioms have another meaning or are connected to another meaning. Use this information to help you choose the correct meaning for each of the following idioms:

1. I wanted to stand and stretch my legs after the meeting.
a)   walk around
b)   not move
c)   relax

2. The bus passengers had to make way for the baby stroller.
a)   sit down
b)   move to the side
c)   ask for help

3. Keep is used in a situation where you want to continue an action or a state that you are already doing or are already in. If you keep walking, you continue to walk. What does to keep still mean in the following sentence?

I tried to keep still during the long speech.
a)   listen carefully
b)   not move
c)   keep moving

4. The tower was moving to and fro during the storm.
a)   from one place to another
b)   in a small circle
c)   up and down

5. My grandmother is up and about after her illness.
a)   still in bed
b)   out of bed and moving around
c)   upstairs in the house

6. I wanted to get to my feet and clap during the concert.
a)   stand up
b)   walk around
c)   move around

7. Everything is in place for our dinner party tonight.
a)   in a strange place
b)   in the correct location and in the correct order
c)   in the wrong place

8. An inch is the name for a small unit of length (about 2.54 centimeters long). When you move along, you move from one place to another. Is it possible to inch along quickly? What would to inch along mean in the following sentence?

The people in the line to buy the concert tickets inched along.
a)   moved quickly
b)   stopped
c)   moved slowly

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Multiple Choice

Choose the idiom which correctly completes each sentence:

1. The meeting was very long and we were happy to be _______________ at the end of it.
a)   to and fro
b)   up and about
c)   inching along

2. The shoppers ________________ the woman with the baby.
a)   inched along
b)   made way for
c)   stretched the legs of

3. Everybody in the line _______________ as they slowly entered the stadium.
a)   inched along
b)   ran to and fro
c)   stayed in place

4. All of the equipment was ____________________ for the presentation.
a)   in place
b)   keeping still
c)   up and about

5. The cows on the farm moved _______________ in the field.
a)   to and fro
b)   in place
c)   up and about

6. I wanted to quickly _________________ and leave when the presentation was finished.
a)   inch along
b)   keep still
c)   get to my feet

7. The little boy was sick in bed and had to ______________ during the day.
a)  inch along
b)  keep still
c)  be up and about

8. I studied for several hours and then I decided to _________________ .
a)  inch along
b)  keep still
c)  stretch my legs

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Grammar Focus

Choose the word or expression that makes each of the following sentences correct:

1. We got to our ______________ when the airplane landed.
a)   legs
b)   foot
c)   feet

2. The people on the street made way _______________ the baby stroller.
a)   to
b)   for
c)   in

3. I tried to ______________ still during the concert.
a)   kept
b)   keeping
c)   keep

4. The line to enter the store inched _______________ slowly.
a)   over
b)   on
c)   along

5. I walked to and ________________ while I waited for my friend.
a)   from
b)   fro
c)   for

6. I was finally _______________ and about after being sick for several days.
a)   down
b)   under
c)   up

7. We checked to see that everything was ______________ place before the meeting started.
a)  into
b)  in
c)  over

8. We went outside to stretch our _________________ during the break.
a)  foot
b)  leg
c)  legs

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Discussion Questions

Answer the following questions using the idioms from this section:

1. Do you like to have everything in place when you invite someone to your house?

2. Can you quickly get everything in place for an important meeting?

3. Can you easily keep still for a long time?

4. Do you know any children who cannot keep still for a long time?

5. Do you often stretch your legs during a long journey?

6. How often do you stretch your legs when you are using a computer?

7. Do you like to get to your feet and walk around during a concert?

8. Do you often get to your feet during a sports event?

9. Have you recently been in a line that inched along very slowly?

10. Do you know any restaurants with a line that always inches along slowly?

11. Do you always make way for bicycles when you are walking on the street?

12. Have you made way for an elderly person on a bus recently?

13. Do you like to be up and about during a long airplane flight?

14. Do you know anyone who is now up and about after a long illness?

15. Do you sometimes go to and fro when you are shopping?

16. Have you ever walked to and fro because you were very worried?

Role Play

Student A: You have been standing in a line waiting for concert tickets for three hours. The line is inching along very slowly. You are in a good mood.

Student B: You are also in the line and you are tired and in a bad mood. You do not want to keep still. You want to move around and stretch your legs. You do not like to have to make way for the people who want to walk through the middle of the line.

lesson 4