lesson 28

Love Idioms and a Crush


Do you know anyone who is in love with someone at the moment?


The two employees first met at the annual company picnic. From that first meeting, the woman had a crush on the young man. It was love at first sight. When they met, they immediately hit it off and began going out soon after. They always got along very well and had much fun wherever they went. They saw each other often and everyone thought that they were the perfect couple. After several months they got engaged. About a year after their first meeting they decided to tie the knot and are very happy together today.

Reading Questions

Answer the following questions. The answers can easily be found in the reading above.

1. Since when did the woman have a crush on the young man?

2. Was it love at first sight?

3. Who immediately hit it off?

4. When did they begin going out together?

5. Did the two people always get along well?

6. Did anyone think that they were the perfect couple?

7. When did they get engaged?

8. When did they tie the knot?

Making Connections and Idiom Meanings

Some of the idioms have another meaning or are connected to another meaning. Use this information to help you choose the correct meaning for each of the underlined idioms:

1. The young girl has a crush on the boy in her class.
a)   communicates very well with
b)   is planning to marry
c)   has strong feelings for

2. A sight is a view of something or when you see something. What does love at first sight mean in the following sentence?
The man really liked the woman. It was love at first sight.
a)   a good idea to get engaged
b)   love from the beginning
c)   time to get married

3. I hit it off with the new coach.
a)   began to date
b)   decided to get married with
c)   had a good relationship from the beginning with

4. To ask someone out means to ask a person for a date. What does to go out with someone mean in the following sentence?
The woman began going out with her boyfriend last year.
a)   to communicate well with
b)   to date
c)   to get married with

5. I get along well with my aunt.
a)   communicated well from the beginning with
b)   communicate well with
c)   have strong feelings of love for

6. My neighbors seem like the perfect couple.
a)   two people who are dating each other
b)   two people who are planning to get married
c)   two people who have a very good relationship

7. My friend recently got engaged to his girlfriend.
a)   decided to get married to
b)   began to date
c)   began to feel love for

8. A knot joins two pieces of string or rope together. To tie means to join the two pieces of string or rope. If you imagine that two people who get married are like two pieces of string or rope, what does to tie the knot mean in the following sentence?
My cousin will tie the knot next week.
a)   get married
b)   begin to communicate well with his partner
c)   make a plan to get married

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Yes /No Questions

Answer the following questions with a yes or no answer and then explain your answer:

1. The couple talked about their future plans together and started to make wedding plans. Did they tie the knot?
a)   Yes
b)   No

2. The man met a woman at the party. They talked for a long time but he did not feel comfortable with the woman. Did they hit it off at the party?
a)   Yes
b)   No

3. The boy felt strong feelings of love for a girl in his class. He thought about her often but he was too shy to express his feelings. Did he have a crush on her?
a)   Yes
b)   No

4. The young man saw the girl many times but did not pay much attention to her. When he finally met her he noticed that she was a very nice person. Was this love at first sight?
a)   Yes
b)   No

5. The young man met the girl two years ago. After one year they started dating. Have they been going out for two years?
a)   Yes
b)   No

6. The receptionist often had small disagreements with the other members of the staff. Did she get along well with everyone?
a)   Yes
b)   No

7. The couple never argued and everyone loved to be around them. They seemed to be very happy. Do you think that they could be the perfect couple?
a)  Yes
b)  No

8. After dating for two years the man gave the woman an engagement ring. Did they get engaged?
a)  Yes
b)  No

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Grammar Focus

Choose the word or expression that makes each of the following sentences correct:

1. The young couple are going to _____________ in June.
a)   tie the knot
b)   tie a knot
c)   tie knots

2. My neighbors ____________ in 2020 and got married in 2021.
a)   engaged
b)   got engaged
c)   are engaged

3. I introduced my cousin to my friend at my birthday party. They ______________ quickly and recently had their first date.
a)   hit it off
b)   hit things off
c)   hit off

4. I have been _____________ my girlfriend for six months.
a)   going about
b)   going out
c)   going out with

5. My brother _______________ his father-in-law.
a)  gets along with
b)  gets along in
c)  gets along to

6. My aunt and uncle are ____________ . They never fight and enjoy doing many things together.
a)   perfect couple
b)   the perfect couple
c)   perfect couples

7. My classmate told me that she ______________ my friend.
a)  has a crush with
b)  has a crush by
c)  has a crush on

8. When I saw the girl in my class, it was ______________ .
a)  love at first sight
b)  love over first sight
c)  love on first sight

Your score is: ___  out of 8

Discussion Questions

Answer the following questions using the idioms from this section:

1. Have you ever had a crush on someone?

2. Do you know if anyone has ever had a crush on you?

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

4. Do you know anyone who has experienced love at first sight?

5. Do you usually hit it off with new people?

6. Have you met someone recently who you did not hit it off with?

7. Have you ever gone out with someone for a long time?

8. Do you know anyone who has been going out with someone for a long time?

9. Do you get along well with most people?

10. Is there someone who you do not get along well with?

11. Do you know any perfect couples?

12. How can you tell if two people are a perfect couple?

13. How long do you think that someone should be engaged before they get married?

14. Do you know anyone who recently got engaged?

15. Do you know anyone who recently tied the knot?

16. Do you know anyone who plans to tie the know soon?

Role Play

Student A: You are with your friend. You are talking about a couple that you both know. You believe that they are the perfect couple.

Student B: You do not agree with your friend. You think that they have many problems.

lesson 28