Initials - Meanings and Quizzes

Initials Quiz #1

cartoon of three children holding the letters A, B and C

Quiz 1 - Choose the correct idiom to replace the expression in the brackets. Check your score and the correct answers at the bottom. Click on the idiom for the definition.

1. Your friend owes you some money and wrote a small note about this. What is this note called?
a)   PLO
b)   ETA
c)   IQ
d)   IOU

2. You order something from a supplier and they say that they will send you the product and you can pay the delivery person. What is this called?
a)   DIY
b)   ASAP
c)   COD
d)   C/O

3. You want something done quickly and you send out a memo. What can you write to say that you want it fast?
a)   ASAP
b)   FYI
c)   TGIF
d)   AOK

4. Every year the owners of an apartment building have a big meeting. What is it called?
a)   NB
b)   AGM
c)   PR
d)   TBA

5. If you are invited to a party and you are asked to bring something to drink what would they tell you?
a)   COD
b)   ASAP
c)   RSVP
d)   BYOB

Your score is: ___  out of 5

Initials Quiz #2

panel of the letters of the alphabet

Quiz 2 - Choose the correct idiom to replace the expression in the brackets. Check your score and the correct answers at the bottom. Click on the idiom for the definition.

6. You are having a meeting and you take a break for lunch but you do not want anyone to erase the whiteboard. What would you write on the board?
a)   TLC
b)   PS
c)   PLO
d)   MC

7. You attend a wedding and stand at the front and introduce the speakers. What is this function called?
a)   MC
b)   MA
c)   CA
d)   AOB

8. Every morning in many schools the principal speaks to the students by using the school communication system. What is it called?
a)   PE system
b)   PA system
c)   PR system
d)   PC system

9. You write something on the back of a piece of paper and you want to make sure someone reads it. What can you write on the front?
a)   ASAP
b)   TLC
c)   RSVP
d)   PTO

10. At some airports there is a special lounge for important people. What is it called?
a)   CEO lounge
b)   SOS lounge
c)   VIP lounge
d)   MIA lounge

Your score is: ___  out of 5

Initials Quiz #3

panel of the letters of the alphabet

Quiz 3 - Choose the correct idiom to replace the expression in the brackets. Check your score and the correct answers at the bottom. Click on the idiom for the definition.

11. When someone is sick you can give them lots of something which may help them. What can you give them?
a)   TLC
b)   OD
c)   PE
d)   SOS

12. At the end of the movie the camera gave us a shot of a cemetery and a gravestone. What could be written on the gravestone?
a)   AI
b)   RIP
c)   TLC
d)   AWOL

13. My friend asked me when I would arrive at the airport. What initials could he use?
a)   TKO
b)   VIP
c)   ETA
d)   SOS

14. Recently, many stores sell things to help people build things in their homes. What are they sometimes called?
a)   HQ stores
b)   COD stores
c)   AOB stores
d)   DIY stores

15. In some cities the crime rate is very high and there are many home burglaries. What are they called?
a)   PTA's
b)   B&E's
c)   B&B's
d)   TA's

Your score is: ___  out of 5

Initials Quiz #4

panel of the letters of the alphabet

Quiz 4 - Choose the correct idiom to replace the expression in the brackets. Check your score and the correct answers at the bottom. Click on the idiom for the definition.

16. These companies can help to make an advertisement. What are they called?
a)   PC companies
b)   PA companies
c)   PR companies
d)   GP companies

17. Sometimes an important piece of information is found in a book or other document. What could be written next to this information?
a)   NB
b)   TB
c)   e.g.
d)   C/O

18. I received a memo that was not too important but I still wanted to give it to my boss. What could I write on it?
a)   AOK
b)   ASAP
c)   ETA
d)   FYI

19. What do you call the top person in many companies.
a)   VIP
b)   CEO
c)   VP
d)   GI

20. When the Titantic sank what was the name of the emergency signal that was sent?
a)   AOK
b)   SOS
c)   AOB
d)   IOU

Your score is: ___  out of 5

Initials Quiz #5

panel of the letters of the alphabet

Quiz 5 - Choose the correct idiom to replace the expression in the brackets. Check your score and the correct answers at the bottom. Click on the idiom for the definition.

21. At the end of a letter what can you write when you want to include some extra information?
a)   PLO
b)   PE
c)   PS
d)   PA

22. When you receive an invitation and they want you to reply what can they write?
a)   RSVP
b)   TGIF
c)   ETA
d)   ASAP

23. What do they call the classes at school where you do sports and exercises?
a)   PA
b)   WC
c)   OD
d)   P.E.

24. What is it called when the police charge someone with drinking alcohol when they are driving?
a)   DIY
b)   DUI
c)   APB
d)   BYOB

25. What do they call a soldier who goes off duty without permission?
a)   AWOL
b)   NATO
c)   RCMP
d)   MIA

Your score is: ___  out of 5

A Initials

panel of the letters of the alphabet


- Alcoholic's Anonymous - a group that helps people recover from alcohol abuse

My boss has been going to AA meetings for over a year.


- Anno Domini - used to mark time that comes after the commonly accepted beginning of the Christian era

The ancient city was founded in 125 AD.


- Annual General Meeting - the annual meeting of an organization

My sister attended the AGM of the condominium owners last night.


- Artificial Intelligence - used for robots etc.

Several professors at our university have been researching AI for many years.


- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - a disease of the immune system

Recently, the number of AIDS patients has been increasing rapidly in many countries.


- also known as

We went to see James Smith, aka "The Bulldozer," wrestle.


- Amplitude Modulation - a type of radio frequency

We do not listen to AM radio much because we do not like the songs that they play.


- Ante Meridiem - the Latin which means before noon

I always get up at 7:00 AM.


- Any Other Business - used in meetings etc.

The organizer of the meeting wrote AOB at the bottom of the meeting information sheet.


- great, doing well

The man said that he was feeling AOK after the accident.


- All Point's Bulletin - used by the police when looking for a criminal

The police put out an APB on the man who robbed the bank.


- As Soon As Possible

I want to finish the first draft of the letter ASAP.


- automated teller machine

I went to the ATM to get some money.


- Absent Without Leave - often used in the military

The military police were searching for the soldier who had gone AWOL.

B Initials


- Bachelor of Arts - from a university

The man received a BA in economics from his university.

B & B

- Bed and Breakfast - a small inn or hotel that serves breakfast

My sister wants to open a B & B when she quits her job.

B & E

- Break and Enter - a criminal act of breaking into a house or building to steal something

When I was going to university there was a B & E in my apartment.


- Bacon and Lettuce and Tomato - a type of sandwich

We went into the restaurant and ordered a BLT sandwich.


- Body Odor - smell of sweat from the human body

The BO from the man in the elevator was very bad.


- Bullshit - lies or other information that is false

We heard a lot of BS at the meeting last night which nobody believed.


- Bachelor of Science - from a university

My cousin received a BSc in computer science from his university.


- Bring Your Own Bottle - used for a party or dinner where each person must bring something to drink

I decided to have a dinner party at my house and told everyone that it was BYOB.

C Initials


- Chartered Accountant

We went to see a CA to get our income tax finished on time.


- send a copy to someone - cc means carbon copy

I had to cc the email to my boss.


- Compact Disc

CDs are becoming less popular now.


- Chief Executive Officer

My uncle was the CEO of a large computer company.


- Chief Financial Officer

I have an appointment to meet the CFO of the company.


- Central Intelligence Agency - US spy and security organization

The CIA was involved in the efforts to free the kidnapped air force pilot.


- Care Of - used when you want to send something to someone at the address of another person

I did not know my friend's address so I sent a letter to him C/O another friend of ours.


- Cash On Delivery - used when a delivery person receives cash when they deliver something

I decided to send away for some books and the company said that they would send them COD.


- Certified Public Accountant

The woman in our accounting department has been studying for her CPA exams for three months.

D Initials


- district attorney

The office of the DA will make a statement about the murder soon.


- Do-It-Yourself

I went to a DIY store and bought the materials to build a bed.


- Disc Jockey

My cousin worked in the summer as a disc jockey while he was going to university.


- Deoxyribonucleic Acid - the main constituent of the chromosomes of all organisms

My university has spent a lot of money in the study of DNA.


- Driving Under the Influence

The man was sent to jail for several months on a charge of DUI.


- Digital Video Disc

The use of DVDs is still very popular.

E Initials


- Electrocardiogram - an electronic test of a person's heart

My father was asked to take an ECG by his doctor.


- Exempli Gratia - the Latin which means for example

The company has many factories around the world - e.g. Italy, Mexico, Thailand and Korea.


- Emergency Room - the place in a hospital which deals with emergency situations

The victims of the accident were taken to the ER.


- English as a Second Language

The ESL classes at the college have been offered for almost ten years now.


- Extrasensory Perception

The movie was about a young boy who had the ability of ESP.


- Estimated Time of Arrival

"What will your ETA be when you return home next month?"

F Initials


- frequently asked questions

The website had much information in the FAQ section.


- Federal Bureau of Investigation

The killers were found in a nationwide search by the FBI.


- Frequency Modulation - a type of radio signal

The radio station that we listen to regularly is an FM station.


- For Your Information

I wrote FYI on the information bulletin and sent it to the other members of the staff.

G Initials


- Government Issue - stamped on US military equipment - GI is also used to mean a US soldier

The man went to the store and bought a GI Joe doll for his son.


- Greenwich Mean Time - Greenwich is a place in England which is used as the standard for time around the world

The rocket will be launched at 10:00 AM tomorrow GMT.


- Gross National Product - the total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year

The GNP of the small country has been decreasing for several years.


- General Practitioner - a general doctor

I went to see a GP when I broke my leg last summer.

H Initials


- Human Immunodeficiency Virus

The rate of HIV infection among drug users is very high.


- health maintenance organization

The man had to speak to his HMO about his medical bills.


- Headquarters

The HQ of our company is located in a small town.


- Human Resources (Department)

I must talk to HR about the mistake on my pay check.

I Initials


- id est - from Latin with the meaning of "that is to say" or "in other words"

The meeting starts at 8:00 PM - i.e. we cannot be late.


- International Monetary Fund - an international agency that works to stabilize currencies etc.

The IMF imposed very strict currency guidelines that many people were opposed to.


- I Owe You - a signed paper stating that you promise to pay a debt

I gave my friend an IOU when I bought his television.


- Intelligence Quotient - a measure of a person's intelligence

The IQ of the new student is very high.

J Initials


- Justice of the Peace (a person in the court/justice system who can do some minor duties and perform marriages etc.)

The young couple went to a JP when they decided to get married.

K Initials


- Knockout

The boxer won the match in the fifth round by a KO.

L Initials


- Bachelor of Laws

My cousin received his LLB and will begin to practice law soon.


- Long-Playing Record

Recently, LP records are becoming more popular.


- Liquid Petroleum Gas

The truck carrying LPG was in an accident on the highway last night.

M Initials


- Master of Arts

My cousin's wife has recently decided to study for her MA in economics.


- Master of Ceremonies

My cousin was the MC for my sister's wedding.


- Doctor of Medicine

The woman received her MD when she was 26 years old and has been practicing medicine since then.


- Missing In Action

There are several MIA soldiers in the small country.


- modus operandi - the way that a person works

The MO of the criminal was very difficult to understand.


- Member of Parliament - used in the United Kingdom and Canada etc.

There were several MPs at the restaurant where we had dinner.


- MPEG-1 audio layer 3 - a method to compress digital audio

The students listened to their MP3 players as they worked in the computer lab.


- Master of Science

The woman has an MSc in computer science and she found a job easily.

N Initials


- not applicable (often found on a survey or questionnaire)

I wrote down N/A for many questions on the survey.


- National Aeronautics and Space Administration - the US space organization

According to a spokesperson for NASA the rocket will be launched next week.


- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The members of NATO are gathering for an important meeting next month in Brussels.


- Nota Bene - Latin for take notice or note well

Our teacher told us to memorize the information in our text that is marked NB.


- National Rifle Association

The NRA had a big meeting recently.

O Initials


- Old Age Pensioner

At first, I thought that I could get the OAP discount. Later, I realized it was for senior citizens only.


- Organization of African Unity

The OAU is working very hard to promote free trade between its various countries.


- or best offer

The piano is being sold for $300 obo.


- Overdose - on drugs

The man died because of a drug OD.


- Operating Room - in a hospital

Before entering the OR the doctors carefully washed their hands.


- overtime

I have to work some OT this weekend.

P Initials


- Public Address (System)

Every morning the children listened to the latest school information over the PA.


- Politically Correct - language that is not harmful or insulting to others

The university has a policy that says that all material published in the school newspaper must be PC.


- Personal Computer

The PC industry has been growing rapidly in recent years.


- Physical Education

My P.E. class is held indoors during the winter months.


- Doctor of Philosophy

After receiving his Phd in history my friend got a job at a university.


- Please Leave On - used when you want to leave something on a blackboard or whiteboard

Although the teacher wrote PLO on the blackboard, the information was erased during the lunch break.


- Post Meridiem - Latin for after noon

The meeting started at exactly 1:00 PM.


- post office

I went to the PO to get a package.


- Prisoner of War

The negotiations regarding POWs continued for many years after the Vietnam war.


- Public Relations

With good PR the politician was able to gain the support of many people.


- Postscript - written at the end of a letter when you want to add some extra information

After finishing the letter, I wrote PS to include something very important that I had forgotten.


- Parent-Teacher Association

We got home late last night after attending our son's PTA meeting.


- Please Turn Over - written on a piece of paper to tell someone to look at the other side

I wrote PTO on the letter to make sure that my friend looked at the other side.


- Personal Video Recorder - a recording device that you can record TV programs with

The hard drive of our PVR is full so we cannot record any more TV shows until we delete something.

R Initials


- Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canada's national police force

The movie was about the RCMP and it took place in northern Canada.


- Requiescat In Pace (from the Latin) or Rest In Peace- used when talking about someone who is dead and sometimes written on a gravestone

At the end of the movie RIP was written on the gravestone of the character who had been killed.


- registered nurse

My aunt is an RN.


- Repondez S'il Vous Plait - the French which means please reply

The invitation said RSVP so I sent a note to say that I would attend the party.

S Initials


- Son Of a Bitch - a swear word used in anger or when you want to insult someone

The man called me a SOB when I drove in front of him in the parking lot.


- this does not refer to any words but is the international code (Morse code) that is used as a signal of distress, a call for help

The sinking ship sent out an SOS signal but nobody came to their rescue.


- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The man called the SPCA to tell them about the poor treatment of the dog.

T Initials


- Teaching Assistant

After leaving university, my friend was able to get a job as a TA at the junior college.


- Tuberculosis

The number of TB cases has been increasing around the world recently.


- To Be Announced - used when something will be announced at a later time

I looked in the television guide to see what the 7:00 movie would be but it said TBA.


- Thank Goodness It's Friday

The restaurant has a large TGIF sign on the door and all drinks are half price.


- Technical Knockout

The boxer won the fight with a TKO.


- Tender Loving Care

With lots of TLC the house plants did very well under my sister's care.


- Toilet Paper

I went to the store to buy some TP.

U Initials


- Unidentified Flying Object

The number of UFO sightings has increased dramatically recently.


- United Parcel Service

My friend will send the package by UPS.


- Ultraviolet - a type of light ray

We used sunscreen in order to protect ourselves from UV rays.

V Initials


- Video Cassette Recorder

The electronics store does not sell VCR's anymore.


- Video Display Unit

The VDU was beginning to cause problems with my eyes so I went to an eye doctor.


- Very High Frequency

The television was not working because of a problem with the VHF connection.


- Very Important Person

The football player was given the VIP treatment when he visited his hometown.


- Vice President

After serving as vice president for many years the man was appointed company president.


- Video Tape Recorder

We stopped using the VTR in the classroom several years ago.

W Initials


- Water Closet - toilet

When we entered the park we went directly to the sign that said WC.

Y Initials


- Young Men's Christian Association

The English classes at the YMCA were recommended to the students last year.


- Young Women's Christian Association

My friend stayed at the YWCA when she visited New York City last summer.